Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers CD-ROM

This two CD-ROM set contains a collection of programs, data, articles, images and other resources that compliment the text book.  This collection provides both the student and the instructor with interesting materials that can be used in the classroom and in independent study.  Some of the programs and articles, for instance, relate to specific sections of the book while the data from experiments can be used in homework and laboratory assignments.  The demonstration versions of the commercial software on this CD-ROM were included so the instructor and student would have a chance to see some of the useful and interesting materials science programs that are available and perhaps use them in class.

The authors sincerely hope that you find this CD-ROM both enjoyable and useful in your current and future studies and that it encourages an interest and appreciation of materials science and engineering.


See the readme file for descriptions of system requirements, technical support, copyrights and other information that should help you get the most out of this CD-ROM set.


What's on this 2 CD-ROM Set

bulletSupplemental materials from the textbook, including articles and solutions to the selected homework problems.
bulletMaterials science software, some fully functional versions, others demonstration versions, but all can be installed and run on your computer.
bulletData from various laboratory experiments that the instructor and student can explore in classroom and laboratory assignments.
bulletImages, videos and slide shows that can be shown in class and on the student's own computer.
bulletA selection of experiments, demonstrations and related materials that have been contributed by instructors from different universities.
bulletInteresting and useful articles from various sources, including selected chapters from ASM Handbooks and  articles from magazines such as Advanced Materials & Processes.
bulletAn introduction to professional materials societies.
bulletA listing of and links to schools and universities that have materials science, engineering or technology programs.
bulletWeb links to interesting materials science and engineering sites.

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  Copyright by Prentice-Hall 2004.  All rights reserved.
Individual items (programs, images, videos, etc.) on this CD-ROM may be copyrighted by their authors.
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